Grooming Report

   Grooming Status – Sunday, Mar 27
Easy Currant Way 1.8 X
Easy Lodgepole Loops 2.2 X
Medium Cinder Pit
Medium Manzanita 0.6 X
Medium Mistletoe 0.6 X
Medium Mushroom Trails 0.3 X
Medium Pine Drops 2.8 Classic/Skate
Medium Ponderosa 5.8 X
Medium Snowbush 2.8 Classic/Skate
Medium Tangent Loop 8.8 Classic/Skate X
Medium Wednesdays (Mid) 4 X
Expert Gentian 2 Classic/Skate
Expert Shooting Star Shelter 1 X
Expert Wild Strawberry 2.6 X

Current snow conditions: Spring Conditions

Comments: Come and enjoy Spring Break with some fine skiing at Meissner.

    Spring Break – Daily Grooming

    With all this new snow and spring break here, there will be daily grooming from March 19-27 (weather and condition dependent).

    In addition, any donations that go into the blue cash box at Virginia Meissner Lodge during that time will go directly to our fabulous grooming staff as a much deserved gratuity for a season of fantastic grooming! Thanks for all of the hard work guys!!!

    Current Conditions

    Weather information for Wanoga Butte from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

    HWY372 at Wanoga Butte
    Automated Road & Weather Station

    Temp: 44.8F

    Dew Point: 28F

    Relative Humidity: 51%

    Wind Direction: NE

    Wind Speed (Avg.): 11 mph

    Wind Speed (Gusts): 21 mph

    Last Updated: 04/30/16 3:30 pm

    Mt. Bachelor Conditions

    Downhill conditions, milepost 23.
    Nordic conditions, milepost 23.

    Road Conditions

    Near Mt. Bachelor, milepost 22.