Grooming Report

   Grooming Status – Sunday, Mar 27
Easy Currant Way 1.8 X
Easy Lodgepole Loops 2.2 X
Medium Cinder Pit
Medium Manzanita 0.6 X
Medium Mistletoe 0.6 X
Medium Mushroom Trails 0.3 X
Medium Pine Drops 2.8 Classic/Skate
Medium Ponderosa 5.8 X
Medium Snowbush 2.8 Classic/Skate
Medium Tangent Loop 8.8 Classic/Skate X
Medium Wednesdays (Mid) 4 X
Expert Gentian 2 Classic/Skate
Expert Shooting Star Shelter 1 X
Expert Wild Strawberry 2.6 X

Current snow conditions: Spring Conditions

Comments: Come and enjoy Spring Break with some fine skiing at Meissner.

    Post-season report

    It was a great season! Thank you all! Please check back here periodically for volunteer opportunities this summer as we clean up a little and prepare for another great winter!

    Current Conditions

    Weather information for Wanoga Butte from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

    HWY372 at Wanoga Butte
    Automated Road & Weather Station

    Temp: 55F

    Dew Point: 35.1F

    Relative Humidity: 46%

    Wind Direction: W

    Wind Speed (Avg.): 4 mph

    Wind Speed (Gusts): 6 mph

    Last Updated: 08/31/16 08:50 am

    Mt. Bachelor Conditions

    Downhill conditions, milepost 23.
    Nordic conditions, milepost 23.

    Road Conditions

    Near Mt. Bachelor, milepost 22.